DotA League Season 3 Opening Day

[b]Today was the opening day of the DotA League Season 3, held at the newly renovated Hougang Festival Market.[/b]

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Mr. Teo Ser Luck, Minister of Parliment for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC made a special visit to the site of the competition, with Mr. Herman Ng, Managing Director of Rapture Gaming on hand to meet him. Mr. Teo tried his hand at playing an Xbox 360 soccer game and seemed to enjoy himself and was quite engrossed with the game.

Rapture Gaming is also holding a clearance sale of selected games and peripherals until the 31st of December. Some of the highlights include Half-Life 2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted going at S$20 each, and a Logitech MX-581 going at S$39.00. There are many more exciting deals available. Click on [url=]read more[/url] to view the full price list for the items being sold at the sale.

Finally, here are the results for the first day of the DotA League Season 3 preliminaries:
[LIST][*][b]T[/b] won by walkover
[*][b]dN[/b] won [b]CaladbolG[/b]
[*][b]Geminga*[/b] won [b]eMo[/b]
[*][b]Team RaVaGe[/b] won [b]4eVa[/b]
[*][b]Zodi@c[/b] won [b]TotalSD[/b]
[*][b]T@x!S~[/b] won [b]Gamers Inc.[/b][/LIST]
[url=]Click here to view photos from the Opening Day[/url].

[b][size=4]Rapture Gaming Clearance Sale Price List[/size][/b]

Dawn of War – S$10.00
FIFA 06 – S$20.00
Half-Life 2 – S$20.00
StarCraft Battlechest – S$20.00
Need for Speed Most Wanted – S$20.00
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos – S$20.00
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 – S$10.00
Quake 4 – S$20.00

Logitech Cordless Xbox Controller – S$20.00
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music SB0460 – S$159.00
SB Audigy 2 ZS – S$69.00
Creative Speakers T5400 – S$50.00
Creative Headset HS-400 – S$15.00
Everglide Headset S-500 – S$99.00
Everglide Keyboard T-1000 – S$19.00
Logitech Optical Mouse MX-518 – S$39.00

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