News from DotA League Season 3 Day 3

[b]Day 3 of DotA League Season 3 marks the end of the preliminary stages. 14 teams will continue to battle it out in the pre-semi finals tomorrow.[/b]

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Despite the wet and cold weather, the crowd turnout for this afternoon’s matches were good. The Zenith vs. Art of SeDuCti0n match seemed to be the draw for most of the spectators, with many crowding behind both teams’ terminals throughout the afternoon matches. The afternoon matches went smoothly, except for one match.

The NightMare. vs. Cheryl Chocolate Candy match was marked by an unfortunate incident where the host PC disconnected from the network during the 53th minute of play, resulting in the game ending prematurely. The marshals were forced to view the replay in an effort to find out who had the upper hand at the time of the disconnect and declare a winner. After a lengthy calculation process and debate, game marshals Andy and Shan called both teams together. “The match is quite close, so we looked at a few things. Ultimately, we calculated and NightMare. wins,” said Andy. Shan also explained that some of the factors taken into account were the hero progression, towers and gold earned for each side.

Here are the results for Day 3:
[list][*][b][Zoot][/b] won [b]-Xith`[/b]
[*][b]Eternity[/b] won [b]FedX[/b]
[*][b]NightMare.[/b] won [b]Cheryl Chocolate Candy[/b]
[*][b]Zenith[/b] won [b]Art of SeDuCti0n[/b][/list]
With the conclusion of Day 3 of DotA League Season 3, there are now 14 teams proceeding to the pre-semi finals which will start from tomorrow onwards. The matches and reporting times are:
[list][*][b]T[/b] vs. [b]dN*[/b] – Wednesday 11.30am
[*][b]Geminga*[/b] vs. [b]Team RaVaGe[/b] – Wednesday 11.30am
[*][b]Zodi@c[/b] vs. [b]T@x!S~[/b] – Wednesday 3.30pm
[*][b]Renaissance[/b] vs. [b]Micronology[/b] – Wednesday 3.30pm
[*][b]Team Kampong[/b] vs. [b]rEv0[/b] – Thursday 11.30am
[*][b]TrD[/b] vs. [b]AFK[/b] – Thursday 11.30am
[*][b][Zoot][/b] vs. [b]Eternity[/b] – Thursday time to be confirmed (probably 3.30pm)
[*][b]NightMare.[/b] vs. [b]Zenith[/b] – Thursday time to be confirmed (probably 3.30pm)[/list]
[url=]Photos from Day 3 can be viewed here[/url].
[url=]The official match schedules can be viewed here[/url].

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