DotA League Season 3 Pre-Quarter Final Results

[b]The conclusion of today’s Dota League Season 3 games marks the end of the Pre-Quarter final stage, with tomorrow being the start of the quarter finals where the last 8 teams will battle it out to earn a berth in the semi-finals.[/b]

[list][*][b]rEv0[/b] won [b]Team Kampong[/b]
[*][b]AFK[/b] won [b]TRD[/b]
[*][b]Eternity[/b] won [b][Zoot][/b]
[*][b]Zenith[/b] won [b]NightMare.[/b][/list]
Once again, thanks goes to game marshal Andy Soh for relaying the match results for the day.

The match ups for tomorrow’s semi finals are as follows:
[*][b]dN*[/b] vs [b]Geminga*[/b] – Friday 11.30am
[*][b]T@x!S~[/b] vs [b]Micronology[/b] – Friday 11.30am
[*][b]rEv0[/b] vs [b]AFK[/b] – Friday 3.30pm (unconfirmed timing)
[*][b]Eternity[/b] vs [b]Zenith[/b] – Friday 3.30pm (unconfirmed timing)
The official match schedules as well as the brackets can be viewed [url=]here[/url].

NOTE: This news report posted late due to problems with GameSync’s DNS configuration, then with my DNS server not updating to the new GameSync DNS.

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