Double Drop Rate and EXP Rate in MapleSEA

[b]MapleSEA will be enjoying double EXP rates today from 7pm to 8pm, in addition to the double drop rate already in effect.[/b]

For those not in the know, Asiasoft earlier announced through the [url=]MapleSEA[/url] website that this is the replacement for the 31st December 2006 double EXP event that was disrupted by the unstable network infrastructure after the recent Taiwan earthquake.

You can click on read more to read the official announcements.

[quote]Dear Maplers,

Due to the unstable network infrastructure within the region during the year end of 2006, instructional network packets that were required to trigger the 2X Exp event on the 31st December 2006 were absent.

A replacement session for 2X EXP will be implemented in all worlds on the 7th January 2007 from 1900hrs to 2000hrs (GMT +8).

We regret for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank you for your kind understanding.

– MapleSEA Administrator[/quote]

[quote] Dear Maplers,

We are happy to announce that January will be another fun filled month with a 2X Drop Rate time slot implemented in all worlds for each day for the whole January!

The 2X Drop Rate will start from 4th January to 31st January 2007, 1900hrs – 2000hrs (GMT +8)

Gear up with your favorite hunting party and start earning more today!


– MapleSEA Administrator[/quote]

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