3xE Tournament Format Controversy

[b]There was some controversy with the tournament format, this being the result of the first round being in a double elimination format, while the rest of the rounds were played in a single elimination format.[/b]

In a typical double elimination tournament format, the winning teams will stay in the upper bracket while the losing teams will be moved to the lower bracket instead of being knocked out of the competition at every round of the tournament. This means that each team will have to be defeated twice before being eliminated from the tournament. It can then be argued that the losing teams of the first round were given an unfair advantage, since they had to be defeated twice before being eliminated, whereas the winning teams of the first round had no such luxury.

Mr. Vivegan Jeyaretnam (also known as v.V), staff advisor for Gaming.RP, explained that 3xE was to be a double elimination format, but the organizers soon realized that time constraints would not allow all matches to be played out within a reasonable time period over the two days, so a change in format was made. He also explained that there was some miscommunication with the teams regarding the tournament format which he suggested was due to the inexperience of many of the game marshals in handling the teams. The game marshals are mostly first year students who have never marshalled at an event of this scale before.

Predictably, it was the Counter-Strike teams that were most upset with this development, as the many teams such as ExsequoR, RageFaction, Ragtual and TitaNs have had much more exposure with the double elimination competition format at a professional level as compared to the teams participating in the DotA division.

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