HQ DotA Competition Participating Teams Revealed

[b]Sixty six teams will be taking part in the Head Quarters DotA Competition, to be the held over the next 3 Sundays at Head Quarter’s newest branch in Chinatown.[/b]

Head Quarters has published the full list of teams taking part in its upcoming DotA Allstars competition on its website. The list of participating teams reads like the who’s who of the DotA competitive community in Singapore, with many top teams and familiar names taking part.

The first day of the Head Quarters DotA Allstars competition will be played this coming Sunday at HQ3 in Chinatown.

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[u]List of Participating Teams[/u]
[*][FTP] Feel The PAIN
[*]Cheryl Chocolate Candy
[*]Rf. Ragefraction
[*]Yi Shan Gao
[*]Exsequor We Cook Grass
[*]Must Love Ok!
[*]Daisy Rock
[*]Knights Of The Round
[*]G Underscore G

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