CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Elite Category Results

[b]Today’s CAPL Winter Season Elite Category preliminaries was very eventful, with one team being disqualified for being late, many competitors not turning up for their matches and technical issues with the recent Warcraft III patch not being applied to all the PCs at e2max, forcing DotA Allstars matches to be significantly delayed.[/b]


In the DotA division, iPod Mini handed Team Zenith their first ever loss in the history of the CAPL competition and will proceed on to the finals to be held next Saturday, where they will be facing Team dN, who defeated -NightMare- in their semi-final match. Whether this defeat will crush Team Zenith’s morale or whether they will rebound and prove that this defeat was an exception, we will only find out when Team Zenith faces -NightMare- for the 3rd placing in the Winter Season finals next Saturday.

In the Counter-Strike 1.6 division, 5BM will meet ExsequoR in the CAPL Winter Season finals next Saturday, while Enraged took 3rd placing, having no opponent to play. As one person said, today’s turnout for the Counter-Strike 1.6 division was probably going to be the final nail in the coffin for Counter-Strike as a competitive game in the CAPL 2007/08 season. Out of the playing field of 15 teams, 8 failed to turn up.

Additionally, one of the top Counter-Strike clans, RageFaction, was disqualified for being late. Apparently, only three members of their team turned up on time. The other team members were given up till 10.30am to report, but they only turned up at 10.45am. Event manager Mr. Bryan Lim said that teams would only be allowed to play if 4 or more members were present. RageFaction didn’t meet this criteria, so they were disqualified.

ReTraineD took the top placing for the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne division, with DarkStrike coming in second, Rf | girlyluck third and TitaNs Abuse fourth. Interestingly, both mVp)oxygen and Gosubay, widely respected as some of the top Warcraft standard game players in Singapore, chose not to show up for today’s tournament.

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[size=4]CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Elite Category Full Results[/size]

[size=3][b]Counter-Strike 1.6[/b][/size]

[u]Preliminaries (Top 16)[/u][list]
[*][b]5BM[/b] walkover [b]ECR[/b]
[*][b]Enraged[/b] won [b]Team TitaNs[/b]
[*][b].Clan[/b] no seeded opponent
[*][b]ExsequoR[/b] walkover [b]RCI[/b]
[*][b]RageFaction[/b] disqualified
[*][b][NtP][/b], [b]Team [U][/b], [b]ECR[/b], [b]RCI[/b], [b][noparse]:)[/noparse][/b], [b][FTP[/b], [b]Dotz.CoM[/b] and [b]ChoseN[/b] no show[/list]

[*][b]5BM[/b] no opponent
[*][b]Enraged[/b] won [b].Clan[/b]
[*][b]ExsequoR[/b] no opponent[/list]

[*][b]5BM[/b] won [b]Enraged[/b]
[*][b]ExsequoR[/b] no opponent[/list]
Enraged places 3rd.

[size=3][b]DotA Allstars[/b][/size]

[u]Preliminaries (Top 16)[/u][list]
[*][b]-NightMare-[/b] walkover [b]rNb]
[*][b]WCG[/b] walkover [b]FYC[/b]
[*][b]Team dN[/b] won [b]T@x!S~[/b]
[*][b]Gamers Inc.[/b] won [b]DiSc[/b]
[*][b]iPod Mini[/b] won [b]Team Mi2[/b]
[*][b]SB[/b] and [b]DsD[/b] no show
[*][b]Micronology[/b] walkover [b]Team SoulShift[/b]
[*][b]Team Zenith[/b] won [b]FoW[/b][/list]

[*][b]-NightMare-[/b] won [b]WCG[/b]
[*][b]Team dN[/b] won [b]Gamers Inc.[/b]
[*][b]iPod Mini[/b] no opponent
[*][b]Team Zenith[/b] won [b]Micronology[/b][/list]

[*][b]Team dN[/b] won [b]-NightMare-[/b]
[*][b]iPod Mini[/b] won [b]Team Zenith[/b]

[size=3][b]Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne[/b][/size]

[u]Preliminaries (Top 16)[/u][list]
[*][b]Rf | Shana[/b] walkover [b]mVp)Toiddi[/b]
[*][b]TitaNs Abuse[/b] walkover [b]Pencilgrid[/b]
[*][b]ReTraineD[/b] won [b]Ast.pUmKing[/b]
[*][b]mVp)oxygen[/b] and [b]Gosubay[/b] no show
[*][b]Coffee[/b] won [b]TitaNs MaDDoG[/b]
[*][b]Rf | girlyluck[/b] won [b]TitaNs YeNrAB[/b]
[*][b]TitaNs NickT[/b] won [b]pinkly[/b]
[*][b]DarkStrike[/b] walkover [b]MagicElite[/b][/list]

[*][b]TitaNs Abuse[/b] won [b]Rf | Shana[/b]
[*][b]ReTraineD[/b] no opponent
[*][b]Rf | girlyluck[/b] won [b]Coffee[/b]
[*][b]DarkStrike[/b] won [b]TitaNs NickT[/b][/list]

[*][b]ReTraineD[/b] won [b]TitaNs Abuse[/b]
[*][b]DarkStrike[/b] won [b]Rf | girlyluck[/b][/list]

[u]Final Result[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]ReTraineD[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]DarkStrike[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Rf | girlyluck[/b]
[*]4th: [b]TitaNs Abuse[/b][/list]

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