CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Finals DotA Highlights

[b]Tomorrow will be the finals of the Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League 2006/07 Winter Season.[/b]

The CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season went smoothly.

[b]Open Category[/b]

Cheryl Chocolate Candy, one of the more outstanding teams in the Open category, will be facing Team xTr0diNaRy in the semi-finals at 10 am. What makes this particular match interesting is that CCC is scheduled for a 9am preliminary match in the Head Quarters DotA Competition against Neutralised as well.

If neither match can be rescheduled, it is likely that CCC will choose to attend the CAPL semi-finals instead of the HQ preliminaries. In the HQ competition CCC has been seeded in a very tough group, including established teams such as Zenith, We Cook Grass and rEv0. In contrast, should CCC triumph over their CAPL semi-finals opponent xTr0diNaRy, they would be up against either y2j or sv, relatively easier opponents compared to the HQ brackets.

In any case, CCC is assured of winning at least S$50 worth of prize money in the CAPL Winter Season, as they are a top 4 finisher, and stand to win up to S$400 if they are crowned champions of the Winter Season Open Category. Whether CCC gives up the prize money to compete with bigger fish in the HQ DotA Competition, we will only find out tomorrow.

[b]Premier Category[/b]

[b]Elite Category[/b]

Zenith will be playing against -NightMare- for the 3rd place of the CAPL.

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