CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season Results and Recap

[b]The CAPL 2006/07 Winter Season finals were held yesterday, bringing the inaugural CAPL to a close.[/b]


In the year long period that the tournament has been running for, the CAPL has provided the competitive gaming community with a unique ongoing opportunity for gamers to continually pit their skills against each other. Players can constantly train, learn and refine their strategies and test them out in a true competitive setting over and over again – if you lose this season, there’s always the next season in the next quarter of the year to try again.

The CAPL has also grown to become one of the yardsticks by which competitive teams are judged. More often than not, people will first ask which division a team is in – premier or elites – to judge how tough an opponent they or their favourite teams are up against. This is definitely true for the DotA scene, and in the absence of ongoing competitions in the Counter-Strike and Warcraft III scenes, the CAPL has become the de facto standard by which players or teams are judged by.

Despite this, the future of the Counter-Strike and Warcraft III divisions seem bleak. Attendance has been poor for the Counter-Strike 1.6 division throughout the first year of the CAPL. It is also no secret that for both the Counter-Strike and Warcraft III divisions, it is mostly the same few faces that take part in the competitions. Because of this, sponsors are reportedly concerned that their branding efforts are not reaching out to as many people as they should be. Whether Counter-Strike and Warcraft III will be dropped from the CAPL, or continued in a different format is something that we will only hear about as the 2007/08 CAPL season draws nearer.

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[size=4][b]DotA Allstars[/b][/size]

[u]Open Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]xTr0diNaRy[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]y2j[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Cheryl Chocolate Candy[/b]
[*]4th: [b]sV[/b][/list]
[u]Premier Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]Wrath[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]FooSa!![/b]
[*]3rd: [b]T.[/b]
[*]4th: [b][X3M]asterisk*[/b][/list]
[u]Elite Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]iPod Mini[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]Team dN[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Team Zenith[/b]
[*]4th: [b]-NightMare-[/b][/list]


[u]Open Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]heehaw[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]team leng zhais[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]bbQ![/b]
[*]4th: [b]Chapter.SIX[/b][/list]
[u]Premier Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]Amor Victoria[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]Team [R][/b]
[*]3rd: [b]WwF.Minor[/b]
[*]4th: [b]Team CSN[/b][/list]
[u]Elite Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]ExsequoR[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]5BM[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Enraged[/b][/list]

[size=4][b]Warcraft III[/b][/size]

[u]Open Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]BeginnersLucK[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]TitaNs.Wind[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Hide[/b]
[*]4th: [b]b3cK[/b][/list]
[u]Premier Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]TruE[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]vello[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]TitaNs.Dreams[/b]
[*]4th: [b]Rf.Chobo[/b][/list]
[u]Elite Category[/u][list]
[*]1st: [b]ReTraineD[/b]
[*]2nd: [b]DarkStrike[/b]
[*]3rd: [b]Rf | girlyluck[/b]
[*]4th: [b]TitaNs Abuse[/b][/list]

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