Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge Opens for Registration

[b]The Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge, which will feature a DotA Allstars and a Gears of War tournament, has opened up for registration.[/b]


The Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge will be held at Funan Digitalife Mall from the 12th to the 18th of March 2007, during the March school holidays, and will be open to all secondary schools, ITE, junior colleges, polytechnics, universities and private institutes.

According to the event manager, Mr. Bryan Lim, the competition will tentatively be limited to 150 teams for the DotA Allstars tournament and 32 teams for the Gears of War tournament. While more than one team for each school may register, only the first application will be accepted into the tournament. Any other teams from the same school will only be allowed to participate if there are any slots spare.

To register for the competition, interested teams should form a team of 5 members for DotA or 4 members for Gears of War, and get an endorsement from a teacher or staff from their education institution. Teams may only consist of students currently enrolled in the school or students waiting for their results (subject to official approval), and may not consist of students from mixed schools. Registration forms are available for download at the [url=]official site[/url].

[b][color=red]Update:[/color][/b] Mr. Bryan Lim has clarified that the Gears of War competition will be in a 3v3 format, with the fourth team member as a substitute.

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