DotA Allstars 6.41 Released

DotA Allstars 6.41 has been released on the Official DotA Allstars Download site.

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[u]6.41 Changelog[/u]
[list][*] Heavily optimized and reduced map size (2.56 MB -> 1.88 MB)
[*] -showdeny now shows denies from any player, using the denying player as the color of the “!”
[*] Purchasing bottle now automatically gets filled up (meaning chicken can buy it for you and have it filled the first time)
[*] Improved Lion’s Mana Drain level 4 a little
[*] Added a minor cooldown to detonate to prevent some abuses
[*] Restored boots of speed non-stacking text
[*] Added extra visual effects to some scepter upgrades as suggested by sagoboi and RilleL (KOTL, Lina, Lion, Ogre Magi, Pugna, QOP, Rhasta, Zeus)
[*] Restored Headshot’s old functionality of triggering on allied creeps
[*] Fixed a small issue with witchcraft and silence aoe
[*] Lowered Doom Scepter Upgrade damage
[*] Fixed Fatal Bonds + Marksmanship bug
[*] Found a workaround for the old water color engine bug when reloading from saved game
[*] Fixed bug with the scoreboard when reloading an observer mode game
[*] -DenyInfo (-di) now sets -cson and -showdeny to true
[*] Lowered Twin Head Dragon’s base damage
[*] Watchers and Remote Mines no longer prevent neutral spawns
[*] First towers are invulnerable until first wave comes out (to prevent some abuses in -rd)
[*] Fixed misc typos
[*] Fixed a bug with burrow strike
[*] Lowered mana cost on Amplify Damage
[*] Lowered Darkness cooldown from 240/210/180 to 240/210/150
[*] Wrath of Zeus no longer hits all meepos
[*] Fixed a bug with Stormseeker causing the damage to not increase when leveled until he dies or is hexed
[*] Scoreboard and Obsboard now show total sent/scourge kills in multiboard[/list]
Notes: Some new content i was working on will be held off for the next version, too many people are abusing the spirit breaker bug to wait.

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