How to watch the HQ replays

Some users have reported that when trying to view the replay files, Warcraft III insists that the map doesn’t exist even though they do have it in their maps folder.

What is happening is that the HQ replays looks for the DotA map at MapsDownload[b]s[/b] instead of the default MapsDownload for custom downloaded maps.

What you can do is to:
[list=1][*]Create a new folder “Downloads” and make a copy of the DotA 6.37 map in the new folder
[*]Rename the “Download” folder to “Downloads”[/list]
I recommend taking the first action.

Also, as a reminder, when registering for your GameSync account, you need to respond to the email confirmation before you become a full member. Until then, you will not be able to access the replays. If you haven’t received the email confirmation after some time, please check your junk mail folder in case it has been labeled as junk mail.

Do remember to leave your comments on the individual replays once you have watched them!

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