DotaSG drops Rapture sponsorship, expands horizons

[b]DotaSG dropped Rapture Gaming as a sponsor just over a week ago and instead continued the relationship as an affiliate.[/b]

Mr. Thomas Lim, one of the founders of DotaSG said that the change was because of “internal reasons” and that the change “should reflect the current status”. When asked what the current status was, he declined to comment. Mr. Lim is also employed by Rapture Gaming.

Mr. Shawn Ho, currently an administrator of DotaSG, put down the change in status to a change in directions. He said, “This means that DotaSG will have more freedom to expand different kind of projects, and possibly becoming more independent.”

When asked what these projects were, Mr. Ho declined to elaborate, but said, “We are going towards multi-gaming for sure and DotA as one of our strong areas of course.”

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