WCG Singapore 2007 game lineup revealed?

DOTASG_PAPA, also known as Mr. Thomas Lim from Rapture Gaming, posted this little tidbit on DotaSG two days ago:
[quote]Don’t ask me where I get this information. If I tell you then I will have to kill you.

Below seems like the games lined-up for some “major event” here this year.

cs, aoe3, dow, war3, dota, nfsc, pgr3, vf5/tekken, fifa, we

Take it with a pinch opf [sic] salt okie, might not be 100% accurate.

Yeah, let’s all rejoice, there is Dota again. Wonder will DotA be in the worldwide final this year?

Let’s put our hands together and pray hard.[/quote]
It seems like the “major event” mentioned by DOTASG_PAPA appears to be the World Cyber Games. Click on “read more” to take a look at some of the supporting evidence.

Firstly, the 10 games mentioned by DOTASG_PAPA seem to be a mix of PC and Xbox 360 games. There are very few major tournaments with a mix of both PC and Xbox 360 games in Singapore. In fact, the only event with such a large number of PC and Xbox 360 games would be the World Cyber Games.

Next, DOTASG_PAPA said that “there is Dota again. Wonder will DotA be in the worldwide final this year?” This hints that this is not the first time the event has been held, and that there is a worldwide finals for the event. This immediately rules out CPL Singapore, as DotA was not an official tournament game last year. The World Gamemaster Tournament could be a candidate, although it did not have a world wide finals last year. The limited game lineup of WGT (CS, DotA and WC3) seems to rule it out as well.

Lastly, let’s compare the WCG Singapore 2006 lineup with what DOTASG_PAPA has mentioned. Last year’s World Cyber Games Singapore line up was:[list]
[*]Counter-Strike 1.6
[*]Defense of the Ancients (DotA)
[*]Dawn of War: Winter Assault (DoW)
[*]FIFA Soccer 06
[*]Need for Speed: Most Wanted
[*]Starcraft: Brood War
[*]Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
[*]Dead or Alive 4
[*]Project Gotham Racing 3[/list]
It’s almost a perfect match with the list of games that DOTASG_PAPA mentioned. Minor changes are that Need for Speed: Most Wanted has been replaced with its sequel Need for Speed: Carbon. The addition of Age of Empires 3 is not surprising, since it has been an official [url=http://www.wcgzone.com/]WCGZone[/url] game for some time.

What casts doubts on the WCG theory is the absence of Starcraft and the Dead or Alive franchise. Both have been staples of WCG, Starcraft since the start of WCG, and the DoA franchise for the past two years now. The addition of Winning Eleven is rather dubious, as there is already FIFA. However, it is likely that FIFA will be played on the PC, whereas Winning Eleven will probably be played on the Xbox 360.

At the moment, most of the evidence seems to point to the fact that the “major event” mentioned by DOTASG_PAPA seems to be the World Cyber Games. However, the exclusion of two key games seems to cast a shadow of doubt over such claims.

What event do you think DOTASG_PAPA is referring to? Post your comments!

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