Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition schedule released

The team list and match schedule for the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007 has been released.

A total of 35 teams will be participating in the tournament, which will be held at the Gamers Inc. Katong branch on the 10th and 11th of March. Preliminaries matches will start at 9am and the last match of the day will start at 7pm.

Familiar names in the competitive scene are all represented. Teams BoD, eMo, Micronology, Gamers Inc., rEv0, xqR and Zenith are all taking part. A surprise entry is team MYRMIDONS, which has not been seen in over a year.

Click on “read more” to view the full preliminary match schedules and team list for the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition.

Day 1 match schedule

9 AM

  1. BRts vs Clan MoM
  2. MRT vs Seth
  3. BiH vs Aim16
  4. Team XQR vs eMo
  5. Gamers Inc. vs Team infliction

11 AM

  1. LOTMS vs Integrator
  2. Gamers Inc`Alpha vs Zion CC
  3. G_G vs SuperFight!
  4. Zenith vs Cui Bu
  5. Team Ivory vs ReVo

1 PM

  1. 2nd Round for 9 and 11 am time slot

3 PM

  1. Micronology vs Voodoo
  2. BOD vs Russap
  3. Team Dn* vs Team Hybrid
  4. NMR vs Titans

5 PM

  1. MartEll` vs Wrath*
  2. Rdst vs Eternity
  3. MYRMIDONS vs Cake
  4. Force Of Will (Walkover)

7 PM

  1. 2nd Round for 3 and 5 pm time slot

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