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[b]Teams Micronology, Wrath* and BiH are through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007. The final round 2 match, dN* vs Nightmare, is still in progress.[/b]

At about 48 minutes into the match, all 10 game clients involved in the dN* vs Nightmare match crashed. dN* held the early advantage, but Nightmare managed to counter their strategy and fought back hard. During a full 5 v 5 clash at the Scourge (dN*) base mid tower, the crash happened.

At this point, Nightmare was ahead purely in terms of towers, items and gold. However, the marshals decided that the match was too early to call and decided on a rematch. The match is currently ongoing.

The decision making process on dN*’s part was complicated by external complications, apparently involving team MYRMIDONS and the DotA Team Open 2007 competition taking place concurrently at Raiders Ang Mo Kio. At the moment, GameSync does not have enough information to provide a fair and objective report of the situation.

Click on “read more” to view the updated match fixture standings, accurate as of time of writing.

[u]Preliminaries round 1[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] BRts
[*]MRT [i]won[/i] Seth
[*]Aim16 [i]won[/i] CAKE [color=red][b]update[/b][/color]
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] eMo
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Team infliction
[*]Integrator [i]won[/i] LOTMS
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] Zion CC
[*]G_G [i]won[/i] SuperFight!
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] Cui Bu
[*]rEv0 [i]won[/i] Team Ivory
[*]Micronology [i]won[/i] Voodoo
[*]Russap [i]won[/i] BoD
[*]Team Dn* [i]won[/i] Team Hybrid
[*]NMR [i]won[/i] Titans
[*]Wrath* [i]won[/i] MarTell [color=red][b]update[/b][/color]
[*]Eternity [i]walkover[/i] Rdst
[*]BiH [i]won[/i] MYRMIDONS [color=red][b]update[/b][/color]
[*]Force of Will [i]no opponent[/i][/list]
[u]Preliminaries round 2[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] MRT
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] Aim16
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Integrator
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] G_G
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] rEv0[*]Micronology [i]won[/i] Russap
[*]Team dN* [i]vs[/i] NMR [color=red][b]ongoing[/b][/color]
[*]Wrath* [i]won[/i] Eternity [color=red][b]update[/b][/color]
[*]BiH [i]won[/i] Force of Will [color=red][b]update[/b][/color][/list]

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