Gamers Inc/LanLan DotA Competition preliminary update

[b]Teams MoM, xqR, Gamers Inc, Gamers Inc`Alpha and Zenith are through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition.[/b]

Several round one matches have been delayed due to the teams participating at the AMK Raiders Team Open tournament. These include Martell vs. Wrath and MYRMIDONS vs BiH, which are currently ongoing.

According to a game marshal, Sunday’s match fixtures will be redrawn again by a live draw. This is to address comments raised by various people that the organizers placed their home teams (Gamers Inc and Gamers Inc`Alpha) into relatively easy draws compared to the other teams.

Click on “read more” to view a list of the current completed match results.

[u]Preliminaries round 1[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] BRts
[*]MRT [i]won[/i] Seth
[*]Aim16 [i]vs[/i] CAKE
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] eMo
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Team infliction
[*]Integrator [i]won[/i] LOTMS
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] Zion CC
[*]G_G [i]won[/i] SuperFight!
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] Cui Bu
[*]rEv0 [i]won[/i] Team Ivory
[*]Micronology [i]won[/i] Voodoo
[*]Russap [i]won[/i] BoD
[*]Team Dn* [i]won[/i] Team Hybrid
[*]NMR [i]won[/i] Titans
[*]Eternity [i]walkover[/i] Rdst
[*]Force of Will [i]no opponent[/i][/list]
[u]Preliminaries round 2[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] MRT
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] Aim16
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Integrator
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] G_G
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] rEv0[/list]

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