Team dN* enters GI/LL DotA Competition finals

[b]dN* is through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007 after winning NMR in the final preliminary match of the day.[/b]

dN* won NightMare in an 80 minute game after a technical glitch forced both teams to a rematch. The teams that will proceed on to the finals tomorrow are:[list]
[*]Gamers Inc
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha
Click on “read more” to view the match results for the first day.

[u]Preliminaries round 1[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] BRts
[*]MRT [i]won[/i] Seth
[*]Aim16 [i]won[/i] CAKE
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] eMo
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Team infliction
[*]Integrator [i]won[/i] LOTMS
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] Zion CC
[*]G_G [i]won[/i] SuperFight!
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] Cui Bu
[*]rEv0 [i]won[/i] Team Ivory
[*]Micronology [i]won[/i] Voodoo
[*]Russap [i]won[/i] BoD
[*]Team Dn* [i]won[/i] Team Hybrid
[*]NMR [i]won[/i] Titans
[*]Wrath* [i]won[/i] MarTell
[*]Eternity [i]walkover[/i] Rdst
[*]BiH [i]won[/i] MYRMIDONS
[*]Force of Will [i]no opponent[/i][/list]
[u]Preliminaries round 2[/u]
[*]Clan MoM [i]won[/i] MRT
[*]Team xqR [i]won[/i] Aim16
[*]Gamers Inc. [i]won[/i] Integrator
[*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [i]won[/i] G_G
[*]Zenith [i]won[/i] rEv0[*]Micronology [i]won[/i] Russap
[*]Team dN* [i]won[/i] NMR
[*]Wrath* [i]won[/i] Eternity
[*]BiH [i]won[/i] Force of Will[/list]

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