dN*, Gamers Inc to compete in IGC H.I.G.H event


Teams dN*, Gamers Inc, Gamers Inc Alpha, and eleven other teams will be competing to qualify for the Intel Gaming Cup grand finals at H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge this Thursday.

Gamers Inc Alpha recently placed 3rd at the recently concluded Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition, while dN* placed 4th at the same event. GameSync has managed to obtain the match fixtures for the competition, which you can find at the end of the article.

For teams that did not manage to register for the H.I.G.H event, the next IGC event will be at Woodlands Community Club. According to Rapture Gaming Managing Director Mr. Herman Ng, the registration for this event will be opened as early as tonight.

Teams that do not qualify for the IGC grand finals at either H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge or Woodlands CC will be automatically seeded into the Finals Open event for a second chance. There, they will face a playing field of up to 128 teams.

Here are the match fixtures for the IGC H.I.G.H event:

  • .=X vs Team AxE
  • fTk*)- vs Gamers Inc Alpha
  • Seth vs wrath
  • BakeaCake vs HackerZ
  • dN- vs Gamers Inc.
  • lan DlSc vs CuiBu
  • |[email protected] 555 vs TWTF2
  • oRz vs Cynic

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