Interschool E-Gaming Challenge to randomize brackets until 16 teams remain

[b]The match brackets for the Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge will be reshuffled at each round of the DotA tournament. When there are only 16 teams remaining, the brackets will be fixed.[/b]


According to Rapture Gaming spokesperson Andy Tan, the reason for this is to keep things exciting and unpredictable. Mr. Tan further explained that this measure will also help reduce the likelihood of teams failing to turn up due to perceptions that their opponent is too strong for them.

The Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge features 128 teams participating in the DotA tournament and 26 teams in the Gears of War tournament. The finals will be played on Sunday, 18th of March 2007.

Click on “read more” to view day one’s match brackets and results.

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