Teams dN* and Wrath* qualify for IGC Grand Finals

[b]Teams Darkness (dN*) and Wrath* have qualified for the Intel Gaming Cup Grand Finals at the H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge tournament.[/b]


[url=]dN*[/url] defeated arch rivals [url=]MYRMIDONS[/url] in their finals match. MYRMIDONS were playing under the name “TWTF2”. dN*’s victory was a bonus for them after their [url=]unhappiness[/url] over the way their semi-final match was handled at the [url=]DotA Team Open 2007[/url] competition held at Ang Mo Kio Raiders.

dN* played Sentinel and their draft was Earthshaker, Pugna, Queen of Pain, Twin Head Dragon and Viper. MYRM, on Scourge, drafted Sand King, Syllabear, Warlock, Vengeful Spirit and Zeus.

[url=]Wrath*[/url] lost several minor early game engagements to [url=]Gamers Inc`Alpha[/url] before eventually overcoming them later in the game. Wrath* played Sentinel and drafted Chen, Sniper, Viper, Warlock and Zeus. Gamers Inc`Alpha on Scourge side picked Bane Elemental, Queen of Pain, Rogue Knight, Shadow Fiend and Twin Head Dragon.

Click on “read more” to view the full match results for the tournament. [url=]Replays[/url] will be available for download later tonight.

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[size=3][b]Upper Bracket[/b][/size]

[list][*][b]Team AxE[/b] won =x
[*][b]Gamers Inc`Alpha[/b] won fTk*)-
[*][b]Wrath*[/b] won Seth
[*][b]HackerZ[/b] won [b]BakeaCake[/b][/list]

[list][*][b]Gamers Inc`Alpha[/b] won Team AxE
[*][b]Wrath*[/b] won HackerZ[/list]

[list][*][b]Wrath*[/b] won Gamers Inc`Alpha[/list]

[size=3][b]Lower Bracket[/b][/size]

[list][*][b]dN*[/b] won Gamers Inc.
[*][b]Clan DlSc[/b] won CuiBu
[*][b]TWTF2[/b] won |er@m 555
[*][b]oRz[/b] vs Cynic[/list]

[list][*][b]dN*[/b] won Clan DlSc
[*][b]TWTF2[/b] won oRz[/list]

[list][*][b]dN*[/b] won [b]TWTF2[/b][/list]

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