Singapore teams forced to eliminate each other in MYM PriDe 4

[b]Teams Mi2, Micronology and Zenith are through to round 2 of the MYM Prime Defending 4 international DotA Allstars tournament. However, they will be forced to eliminate each other in the next two rounds of the global tournament as they are in the same bracket.[/b]

MYM Prime Defending (PriDe) 4 is an international DotA Allstars tournament with 128 teams from around the world taking part. The competition will be played on DotA Allstars v6.41 and the format of the competition is 5v5 AP draft single elimination. The tournament is organized by Denmark-based professional e-sports team Meet Your Makers.

In the first round of the competition, Singapore teams Mi2 defeated Russian team cmc, [url=]Micronology[/url] defeated Australian team sGs and [url=]Zenith[/url] defeated Australian team TKS-.

However, as all three Singapore teams are in the same bracket, they will be forced to eliminate each other from the tournament. For example, Mi2 is scheduled to play against Zenith in round two. Already, both participants and observers are questioning the way the brackets have been drawn.

Micronology’s “zx” in a comment on MYM’s website said, “This is supposed to be a global tournment, its kinda pointless when the brackets are placed in such a manner, that only 1 asian team can proceed to the top 16. Teams from different regions should all be spread up evenly in different brackets, to see how well they fare globally.”

Zenith’s “xMusiCa”, who earlier this year migrated to Australia, says that the brackets will not allow Singapore teams to get the exposure to different playing styles that they wish to see. “Us Singaporean team … are here to see how the world plays. And putting us in the same bracket won’t allow that to happen,” he explained.

“Poddy”, who recently did an [url=]interview[/url] with Zenith’s Ant on behalf of MYM, has raised some hopes about the brackets being changed. He said in a [url=]post[/url] on the DotaSG forums, “[W]ell i did alot of work annoying the [MYM] admins and since I’m helping out in the tour, they are gonna change the brackets, so we dont have asian teams v asian teams.”

At the time of writing, however, the MYM website revealed no such changes made to the brackets.

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