MYM flip-flops over bracket redraw, Zenith last team standing

[b]After redrawing the Prime Defending 4 brackets to reshuffle the teams so that they do not play against other teams from their own countries, MYM reverted back to the original brackets.[/b]

This resulted from complaints from many American and European teams that the redraw was done only one day before the matches were due to take place. Due to time zone differences and communication factors, many teams claimed that it would be impossible to schedule a match by the next day.

As a result of the reversion, Mi2 forfeited their match against Zenith. WoShiCloud [url=]explained[/url] their decision, saying that Mi2 saw no point in playing matches against fellow countrymen. He elaborated, “We join[ed] this compy to gain exposure to playstyles of other countries, not for fame nor glory.”

Team DoA’s “Archi-_-” from Germany shared Cloud’s sentiments. In a [url=]comment[/url] on the MYM bracket page, he said: “Three German teams in bracket one, and four Romanian teams in bracket two … the Romanian and German teams joined to play against international teams and not against teams they can play all the time.”

DotA Allstars community member “bitegr” agreed, and made an [url=]analogy[/url] to the Champions League: “I think they’re right, it’s like putting all English/Spanish/Italian, etc. teams on the same groups on the first round of Champions League, when they play vs each other for years on their countries’ leagues/cups etc.”

In the other match involving Singaporean teams, Micronology lost to top Australian team iMMunity in a game that was [url=]described[/url] as “amazingly laggy, sloppy” by DotA Allstars Forum Contributor “omen”. He said that he saw no point in the game, and elaborated: “Bane could not even hit a creep solo and other times heroes just stood there while dying without moving or casting. Pretty retarded.”

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