Singapore teams reign supreme in ACSL week 2

Week 2 for the Asian Counter-Strike Source League (ACSL) has concluded successfully with all Singapore Teams performing above expectations.

Division 1 Singapore teams favorites Pandemonium and Synergy crushed their opponents GDT (China) 16-9 and Gster (Korea) 16-10 respectively. Team X3G tied Cruel.X (Korea) 15-15. The win over Synergy’s opponent has also allowed them to top the division table!

In Divison 2, Singaporean teams xrN and Xtatic Gaming drew 15-15 in a nail-biting, despite xrN’s great firepower and Xtatic’s teamwork. Everyone had expected a clear winner to emerge. However, towards the end of the game, a draw seemed inevitable. Both teams were neck to neck, trading wins each round in the second half.

xrN’s team captain, Skae, commented, “We could have won the match if it weren’t for the relo3 (relive) of the match in the second half. We wanted to win back the last round to end the game 16-14. However, we failed to do so.”

In Division 3, Team [A]ttitude crushed opponents uNdefin3d to take the 3-point lead 16-4. Team tMg (India) proved that distance and latency weren’t the key factors to winning the match by beating opponents EliteR (Hong Kong) 16-13.

When asked to comment about Week’s 2 overall performance and results, ACSL Manager, “irish” said, “I think that Week 2 was more successful as compared to Week 1. As the competition progresses, teams are more familiar with the rules and processes involved in playing competitively in an online environment regularly.”

He continued, “As for the standard of play in week 2, there were amazing match-ups and great results. Perfect examples are Cruel.X, X3G, Fusion, T.M, Xtatic and xrN all fighting to achieve draws.”

The full results for ACSL week 2:

Division 1
GDT (China) 9 – 16 PDM- (Singapore)
Gster (Korea) 10 – 16 Synergy (Singapore)
X3G (Singapore) 15 – 15 Cruel.X (Korea)
FSN (Malaysia) 15 – 15 T.M. (Taiwan)
HyperEffect (Taiwan) 8 – 16 time2die (Korea)

Division 2
TeamNine (Korea) Forfeit Win – Forfeit Lose Woori (Korea)
Deadly (Korea) 10 – 16 XTC (Singapore)
CG (China) 2 – 16 Red Line (China)
Xtatic Gaming (Singapore) 15-15 xrN (Singapore)
Os-Talon (Hong Kong) 16 – 5 WV (China)

Division 3
SSGB (Singapore) 4 – 16 Vampire (Malaysia)
uNdefin3d (Singapore) 4 – 16 Attitude (Singapore)
[email protected] (Hong Kong) 1 – 16 Mule (South Korea)
EliteR (Hong Kong) 13 – 16 [tMg] (India)
os-VnP (Hong Kong) 16 – 0 CHJ (Korea)

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