Interschool E-Gaming Challenge finals replay available for download

[b]The replay for the finals of the Interschool E-Gaming Challenge 2007 between Team NP (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) and ITE FTW (ITE Tampines) is now available for download the the new Interschool Replays section.[/b]

In the new Interschool Replays section, you will be able to filter the replays by schools instead of teams. This should help navigate the hundred odd replays from the recent tournament, as well as future interschool tournaments (We hear that one is scheduled to take place alongside this year’s WCG Singapore!).

GameSync has some 108 other replays from the Interschool E-Gaming Challenge uploaded as well. However, these replays cannot be released until Rapture Gaming officially releases them on the official website.

You may have noticed that the official website does not show any sign of any replays being released. Late last night, DotaSG [url=]published[/url] the replay of the finals. This resulted in GameSync contacting an official from Rapture Gaming to confirm that the replay could be released to the public.

When asked when the rest of the replays could be released, the official only said that he would update GameSync at a later date.

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