Double blow for Team Zenith

[b]Zenith suffered a double blow yesterday when they lost to Canadian team Enervate Gaming (eNe) in The Frozen League (TFL) and European team ScaF in MYM Prime Defending (PriDe) 4.[/b]

Zenith’s Anthony “Ant” put down their eventual defeat by Enervate Gaming to the lag they faced. He said that the delay was “horrible” and that Zenith “couldn’t farm even in [a] free lane”.

When asked about Zenith’s loss to ScaF in MYM PriDe 4, “Ant” said that ScaF played a “purely unexpected” strategy. Apparently, Zenith had thought that ScaF was going for a “lane control hold for Visage” strategy. ScaF, however, got early game items for all their heroes and did a fast push strategy.

“Ant” also admitted that Zenith’s player lineup against ScaF “wasn’t ideal” and that team morale was low after the earlier loss to eNe. Zenith’s lineup for the ScaF match was Ant, GPS, Ice, Musica and TofuBoi.

TFL is an international DotA Allstars league. This season is its inaugural season and there are 12 teams taking part. Teams will play a single match with each other team over a period of 11 weeks. Competition is tough, with professional teams such as American teams Check Six (x6) and compLexity(coL), Denmark-based international team Meet Your Makers and Romanian team The Elder Gods (TEG) all taking part.

MYM PriDe 4 is an international DotA Allstars tournament organized by the Denmark-based international professional e-sports team Meet Your Makers. A total of 128 teams from around the world took part in this tournament. The caliber of competition is similar or even exceeds TFL.

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