Exclusive interview with xqR DotA team leader Wilson “d4rk|w1sH” Tang

Earlier today, team ExsequoR, better known as xqR, was invited to replace compLexity in the inaugural season of The Frozen League (TFL) DotA league.

GameSync catches up with xqR DotA team leader Wilson “d4rk|w1sH” Tang over MSN for an exclusive insight into xqR’s plans for TFL. Interview after the jump.
GS: What do you feel about taking part in an international league?

Wilson: Excited. It’s going to be a new experience and judging from what Zenith has faced, I suppose its going to put us through a new test of playing in bad conditions if we are that unfortunate to meet bad host.

Yeah, playing in bad delay is really quite a challenge.

Do you think that a lack of exposure to playing styles outside of Asia might be a stumbling block to doing well in TFL?

Well, that might be a disadvantage but considering the teams outside of Asia, they could be [in] the same [situation] too. I suppose it all comes down to strategy. Even if we were not to do well, hey, at least we gained some exposure and more experience to come back harder the next time.

That’s the spirit! Do you think that international exposure will give you an edge over local teams? Maybe even the region?

Well, considering the fact we would be able to play other teams and gain that experience perhaps it would be. But as for strategy wise, I believe replays are downloadable so the difference may just be minimal.

That’s true. Does xqR review the replays of international DotA teams to learn from them, and as homework in preparing for your upcoming TFL matches?

Well yes we do. It’s good to at least know what is going on out there first so we’ll be just a little more prepared. But we will also be trying to stick with our plan and strategy.

How well do you think xqR will be able to adapt to new strategies or conditions in the course of TFL?

Well, I believe that we will adapt to the strategies and conditions as we play along lol or there’s nothing to adapt to isn’t it!

Haha! Ok, one last question, how do you feel about your upcoming match against Meet Your Makers (MYM)?

Considering them to be one of the top teams around the world, it is going to be interesting how things would turn out. We are looking forward to playing them and hopefully if we do win then it will be a great morale booster to the team.

It will be big news if you do win over MYM! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

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