Team xqR joins TFL DotA league

[b]Team Exsequor (xqR) has accepted an invitation to participate in the inaugural season of the The Frozen League’s (TFL) DotA division.[/b]

This came after The TFL administrators dropped American team compLexity (coL) from the league. According to TFL admin “TFL|GOLD”, coL was dropped because they “won’t be able to compete with their current roster”. As a result, TFL decided to invite xqR to replace them and to expose TFL to more Asian teams.

xqR DotA team leader Wilson “d4rk|w1sH” Tang was excited to be able to take part in TFL and said, “It’s going to be a new experience and I suppose it’s going to put us through a new test of playing in bad conditions.”

Team xqR will be up against Denmark-based international professional e-sports team Meet Your Makers in their first matchup of TFL.

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