Kane is back! Command & Conquer 3 Official Launch coverage

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This article was originally written by Afiz “Shox”.

Crowds gathered as players battle it out of fields of tiberium. Monday was the launch of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Join our guest writer, Shox, as he writes about his experience at the launch event. And yes, Kane lives!

I can sense the crowd’s enthusiasm as each of them queue up to redeem their limited edition copy of C&C3. Those who redeemed the game at the launch get a goodie bag containing a free C&C3 Mousepad, C&C3 shirt, Razer Mantis Control Mousepad and other goodies. And no, you can’t get these goodies on any other day, except Christmas or your birthday (if people even bother to get them for you).

Back to the topic now, Command & Conquer, or C&C for short, has been around since the 1990s. I had my fair share of fun destroying bases with rocketeers and running over enemy troops with tanks. The tiberium series started in 1995 with Tiberium Dawn followed by Tiberium Sun in the year 2000.

Now it returns with a high overdose of highly detailed graphics, interactive environment and incredible cinematic featuring a star-studded cast from Star Wars, Starship Troopers and many more. Not forgetting, the return of Joe Kucan as the sinister Kane.

I rummaged through the crowd to get a look at the game and there it was. An empty seat! With haste, I sat down on the plastic chair facing getting ready to blow some stuff up.

Randomly, a person beside me asked for a match. Well, couldn’t refuse. If I did, It would make me look like a coward. My first game and I already had to battle it out with someone. Usually AIs are my first opponents. Enough about me though, let’s get into the game.

The gameplay is responsive and smooth, as expected, but what really caught my attention was the sidebar. I wouldn’t want to let out too much information. Get the game and you will know what I mean. Wondering what happened to my first opponent? Let’s just say he was at ‘lost’.

Shox is a self-described “fuxin hawt guy” who is 21 this year and is currently looking for a girlfriend. He also catches villains and roams the street of Singapore to protect the lives of innocent.

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