Teams [M]-Logic and SERIOUS proceed to IGC Grand Finals

[b]Teams Micronlogy ([M]-Logic) and SERIOUS overcame fierce opposition from rEv0 and Qoo respectively to qualify for the Intel Gaming Cup (IGC) 2007 Grand Finals.[/b]


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Mr David Sim, PBM, Chairman of Woodlands Citizen Consultative Committee was the guest-of-honour for the IGC Woodlands Community Club tournament. He gave out the S$200 in prize money to the qualifying teams.

Micronology and SERIOUS will proceed to the IGC 2007 Grand Finals, where they will face 14 other teams seeded from previous IGC events. The Grand Finals will be held on Saturday, 21st of April at the HIGH Cyber Lounge.

For more detailed reports on the final matches, please visit our affiliate site, [url=]DotaSG[/url]. DotaSG has done reporting on the hero drafts and should be posting the chat logs for the live text casting of the Micronology vs rEv0 match.

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[size=3]Semi-finals results[/size][list][*]rEv0 won L
[*]Micronology won Force of Will
[*]SERIOUS won iVory`
[*]Qoo won ReX[/list]

[size=3]Finals results[/size][list][*]Micronology won rEv0
[*]SERIOUS won Qoo[/list]

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