Gaming Giants launches amateur DotA league

[b]Gaming Giants will be organizing a weekly DotA league with a prize of S$150 for the top team for each week up for grabs.[/b]

Community member “LordShade” sent word about the Gaming Giants Amateur’s League Ladder (GGALL) in the forums. Read the [url=]thread[/url] to view the league poster as well as a link to download the tournament rules.

Basically, registration is free at the counter, teams are free to play as many matches as they wish, and at the end of every week, S$150 is given to the team which logs the most number of victories.

Catchy name aside, the league will be a win-win situation for both the Gaming Giants (GG) cyber cafe and gamers alike. Teams who plan to use GG as a training ground will now have an added incentive to train. They can claim training matches as league matches, and even stand a chance to recoup some of the LAN fees used for training. Meanwhile, GG earns on the LAN fees and gains some great publicity as well.

Gaming Giants is located in Katong Shopping Centre basement one, below Asteroids Cyber.

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