Team xqR takes silver in ESWC Australia

[b]Singapore-based Counter-Strike team ExsequoR (xqR) took the silver medal at the recently concluded Electronic Sports World Cup Australia National Finals.[/b]


xqR first went through the Last Chance Competition to qualify for the National Finals. They went undefeated in four matches against teams Merge (16 – 13), TPM (16 – 5), 4PG (16 – 1) and TPM (16 – 4) and were seeded into the Australia National Finals.

In the group stages, xqR defeated immineNt (19 – 11) and AiP (21 – 9) but lost to Stens Gaming (14 – 16). The loss was not enough to put a dent on xqR however, as they came out top in their group.

At this point, there were only four teams left in contention. In a best-of-three finals format, xqR defeated f-zer0 2 – 0 (16 – 8 and 16 – 12). In the finals however, xqR lost to team Immunity 0 – 2 (3 – 16 and 10 – 16), taking the second placing.

For those who are interested to read more about xqR’s experiences in Australia, they have posted a wealth of information about their trip on their [url=]official website[/url].

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