WCG 2007 Asian Championship official games announced

[b]The World Cyber Games (WCG) 2007 Asian Championship will feature 12 countries competing in five official games.[/b]


The WCG 2007 Asian Championship [url=http://asian.worldcybergames.com/]website[/url] has been updated with a “coming soon” splash page revealing that the Asian Championship will be held on the 2nd to 5th of August 2007. Twelve countries and five games will be involved in this year’s tournament.

The five official games for the WCG 2007 Asian Championship are:[list]
[*]Age of Empires III
[*]Dead or Alive 4
[*]DotA Allstars
[*]FIFA Soccer 2007
[*]Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne[/list]
The 12 countries participating in the WCG 2007 Asian Champion are:[list]
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_au.gif[/img] Australia
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_cn.gif[/img] China
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_hk.gif[/img] Hong Kong
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_in.gif[/img] India
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_id.gif[/img] Indonesia
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_kr.gif[/img] Korea
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_my.gif[/img] Malaysia
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_ph.gif[/img] Philippines
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] Singapore
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_th.gif[/img] Thailand
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_vn.gif[/img] Vietnam[/list]
According to the website, qualifiers will be held in each country, with the best team winning a trip to Singapore for the finals. With this official announcement, it seems like the [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/03/30/news/10-000-top-prize-for-wcg-asian-dota-championship]previous plan[/url] to invite international DotA Allstars teams from the United States of America and Europe has been abandoned.

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