ESWC head provides insight into esports business

[b]Matthieu Dallon, the mastermind behind the [url=]Electronic Sports World Cup[/url] (ESWC) gave some rare and frank insight into the business end of e-sports in an interview conducted by Michal Blicharz of the [url=]Global Gaming League[/url] (GGL).[/b]

Dallon is the president of Games Services, the company which organizes the ESWC. He cited the glut of e-sports competitions, legal pressure from game owners, and an overdependence on sponsorship as a source of revenue as the three biggest challenges faced by e-sports organizations today.

Dallon puts down the ESWC’s relative success so far to its diversified business model. He said of ESWC’s National Strategic Partner (NSP) licensing system and online strategy: “It is a new dimension of the business relation that doesn’t limit the ESWC national revenues only to sponsorship but that widen (sic) it to traditional online Internet incomes.”

Also revealed were plans to expand the ESWC into a circuit of tournaments for the 2007/2008 season. Dallon said, “The plan is to stage a series of international events every two or three months. They will enable players from countries that do not have national qualification processes to try their chances for the Grand Final.”

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