MYM Prime Defending 5 announced

Denmark-based professional e-sports team Meet Your Makers has announced the fifth edition of its international DotA Allstars tournament, MYM Prime Defending (PriDe).

There will be a single elimination qualifier stage, followed by a group stage (eight groups of four teams each). It is likely that the top team from each group will then proceed to the playoffs, which will be played using a double elimination system.

The changes will benefit both participants and spectators. Participants will get the chance to play more matches and gain more exposure to international playing styles, while spectators will get more matches to view.

Established Singaporean teams ExsequoR (xqR) and Micronology ([M]-logic) have already signed up for the tournament. Other Singapore teams participating include siAnz, a team consisting of players mostly from dN* and eMo/iPod, and relative unknowns CheeseBuns ([CB]).

The inclusion of Zenith starter xMusica in siAnz’s lineup casts doubts into the likelihood of Zenith participating in the fifth edition of MYM PriDe.

Update (6:02AM): It appears that Zenith’s LuX has joined up with xqR for MYM PriDe 5. LuX has been acknowledged as Zenith’s “battle commander”. It seems increasing unlikely that Zenith will be making an appearance as a full team in this tournament.

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