IGC 2007 Open Category day one results

[b]Teams Zenith, xqR, TFO (Nightmare), EnGulf, Rex and Wudi have qualified for the Intel Gaming Cup (IGC) 2007 Grand Finals.[/b]


The matches for day one of the IGC Open Category were mostly well known teams against relative unknowns, with most of the results being clear cut.

Tomorrow’s opening matches promise to make it an exciting day for both participants and spectators. In the first round, Gamers Inc`Alpha will be up against a reformed Em Ai Two (Mi2), while their brother team Gamers Inc finds themselves up against rEv0.

The dN* all-female team will also be making their first appearance in a competition. They will be playing under the name dN* Gurls tomorrow at HIGH.

Full results for day one after the jump.

[list][*][url=http://www.intel.com/sg/intelgamingcup/]Intel Gaming Cup official website[/url] (intel.com)
[*]Day 2 matchups @ [url=http://www.rapturegaming.com/intelgamingcup/schedule.html]IGC 2007 Open Category match schedule[/url] (rapturegaming.com)[/list]

[size=3][b]Bracket A[/b][/size]


[b]random[/b] > InFlicT?


[b]Clan DlSc[/b] > Team AxE (Walkover)
[b]Zenith[/b] > random


[b]Zenith[/b] > Clan DlSc

[size=3][b]Bracket B[/b][/size]


[b]Rex[/b] > Cynic
[b]HackerZ[/b] > SgGA.RawR


[b]Rex[/b] > HackerZ

[size=3][b]Bracket C[/b][/size]


EnGulf > CCC
X-Japan > Xtreme Velocity


EnGulf > X-Japan

[size=3][b]Bracket D[/b][/size]


[b]SPARTANS[/b] > G.A.Y (Walkover)
[b]ExsequoR WeCookGrass[/b] > iVory` (Walkover)


[b]ExsequoR WeCookGrass[/b] > SPARTANS

[size=3][b]Bracket E[/b][/size]


[b]Wudi[/b] > CuiBu


[b]Porque[/b] > |er@m 555
[b]Wudi[/b] > TWTF2 (Walkover)


[b]Wudi[/b] > Porque

[size=3][b]Bracket F[/b][/size]


[b]Force of Will[/b] > =x
[b]Team TFO[/b] > Team NsL


[b]Team TFO[/b] (Team Knight-mare3) > Force of Will

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