Mi2 and Feeder Village through to Intel Gaming Cup 2007 Grand Finals


Em Ai Two (Mi2) and Feeder Village (T@x!S~) have been seeded into the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 Grand Finals after defeating oRz and BakeaCake respectively in the finals of their Open Category brackets.

Today’s action saw the first appearance of the dN* all-female team, dN* Gurls. Although they lost in the opening round against Feeder Village (T@x!S), Thomas “DOTASG_PAPA” Lim of DotaSG reported that they “perform(ed) pretty well for their first official showing”.

BRTS* was disqualified in their match against oRz. BRTS* was had already downed most of oRz’s towers and were beginning their push into the base. Observers commented that there was about a 70% chance of BRTS* winning. However, BRTS*’s Sniper took both Aegis charges which their Warlock transported back to base after farming Roshan. This move resulted in BRTS* being disqualified for item sharing.

Our affiliate site, DotaSG, will be posting battle reports from selected matches later in the day. Full results for the day’s matches after the jump.

Bracket A

Relinquish.Blaz[3] > fTk*)- (Walkover)
Em Ai Two > Gamers Inc Alpha
oRz > Vendetta (Walkover)
BRTS* > L (Walkover)

Em Ai Two > Relinquish.Blaz[3]
oRz > BRTS* (Disqualification)

Em Ai Two > oRz


Bracket B

Qoo > LaL
Feeder Village > dN* Gurls
BakeaCake > kthxbai
rEv0 > Gamers Inc. (Walkover)

Feeder Village > Qoo
BakeaCake > rEv0

Feeder Village > BakeaCake

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