Rapture to switch to DotA 6.43b by open of WCG 2007

[b]Rapture Gaming plans to switch all its DotA Allstars tournaments over to version 6.43b by the open of the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2007 Samsung Campus Festival.[/b]

Rapture Gaming Event Executive Andy Tan revealed that version 6.43b was undergoing internal testing. When the map and rule set have been deemed stable and the game play smooth, the switchover will take place.

Currently, Rapture Gaming competitions, such as the Intel Gaming Cup 2007, are on version 6.41. Version 6.43 contains several game play changes, the biggest of which is the change of Aegis of the Immortal from a player created item to an being item, reduced to a single charge, dropped by Roshan.

Mr Tan further revealed that this change in map versions should take place by the WCG 2007 Samsung Campus Festival and will be in place in time for both the WCG 2007 Singapore National Finals and the Asian Championship.

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