IGC 2007 Grand Finals match fixtures revealed


The brackets for this Saturday’s Intel Gaming Cup 2007 Grand Finals have been drawn in a live draw and released.

The IGC Grand Finals at HIGH Cyber Lounge this coming Saturday, 21st April 2007, will signal the close of the IGC 2007. In the past four months, IGC 2007 has brought competitive gaming to locations as diverse as schools, a community club and a cyber lounge.

The list of teams participating in the Grand Finals reads like the who’s who of the Singapore DotA Allstars competitive scene. Established teams Darkness (dN*), Eternity (ETNY), Micronology ([M]-logic), Mi2 (Em Ai Two), Nightmare (Team Knight-mar3), [email protected]!S~ (Feeder Village), Wrath*, xqR (ExsequoR WeCookGrass), and Zenith are all represented.

dN* will be up against Feeder Village ([email protected]!S~) in the first round. This will be a chance for dN* to avenge the elimination of their female division team, dN* Gurls, by Feeder Village ([email protected]!S~) in the Open Category first round match played last Sunday.

A possible non-highlight will be the Team RP and xqR match. Team RP consists of players from both xqR and Nightmare (Team Knight-mar3), who are both taking part in the Grand Finals. It is more than likely xqR that will receive a walkover in the first round of the Grand Finals.

The winner of IGC 2007 stands to win S$2,000 in prize money, the IGC trophy and a seed into the World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore National Finals. The runners-up will receive S$1,000, while the second runners-up will receive S$500. The fourth placing will receive S$250.

Interested readers can view a video of the draw on the IGC official website. Full match brackets for the Grand Finals after the jump.

  • IGC official website (rapturegaming.com)Grand Finals Match Fixture
    • Team RP (RP seed) vs ExsequoR WCG (Open seed)
    • dN* (Cyber cafe seed) vs Feeder Village (Open seed)
    • Nice One Lar (NYP seed) vs Rex (Open seed)
    • SERIOUS (CC seed) vs Em Ai Two (Open seed)
    • Team Team (RP seed) vs Wudi (Open seed)
    • Wrath* (Cyber café seed) vs Zenith (Open seed)
    • ETNY (NYP seed) vs Team Knight-mar3 (Open seed)
    • Micronology (CC seed) vs Engulf (Open seed)
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