IGC 2007 game rules and reporting time updated

[b]The game rules have been updated for the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 Grand Finals. The reporting time for the finalists have been announced as well.[/b]


The rules for the IGC 2007 Grand Finals have been updated following the controversial disqualification of BRTS* for item pooling during the Open Category tournament. It is likely that a similar set of rules will be used in all future Rapture Gaming organized competitions, including the upcoming World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore Nationals and Asian Championship.

The updated rule regarding item sharing is quoted below:
[QUOTE][u]Sharing of Items[/u]

No items are allowed to share among teammates including of Aegis of the Immortal, Gem of True Sight and Divine Rapier.If droppable items are drop when player is killed, only the player and enemy team is allow to pick up or to be destroy by teammates.Only Flask of Sapphire Water can be CAST onto teammates.

[size=1]Source: [url]http://www.rapturegaming.com/intelgamingcup/rules2.html[/url][/size][/QUOTE]
Reporting time for finalists is at 9.30 AM at H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge.

Also added on the IGC official website is a video of match highlights from the IGC Open Category held last weekend.

[list][*][url=http://www.rapturegaming.com/intelgamingcup/]IGC official website[/url] (rapturegaming.com)[/list]

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