IGC 2007 Grand Finals preliminary results

[b]The preliminaries for the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 have concluded. dN*, Em Ai Two (Mi2), ETNY (Eternity), ExsequoR WCG (xqR), Micronology ([M]-logic), Rex, Wudi and Zenith are through to the quarter-finals.[/b]


The preliminary results are as follows:
[list][*][b]ExsequoR WCG[/b] walkover Team RP
[*][b]dN*[/b] won Feeder Village
[*][b]Rex[/b] won Nice One Lar
[*][b]Em Ai Two[/b] won SERIOUS
[*][b]Wudi[/b] won Team Team
[*][b]Zenith[/b] won Wrath*
[*][b]ETNY[/b] won Team Knight-mar3
[*][b]Micronology[/b] won Engulf[/list]

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