IGC 2007 Grand Finals semi-finals results

[b]Zenith will face dN* for the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 championship trophy, while Micronology will be up against Em Ai Two for the third placing.[/b]


Zenith triumphed over Micronology in an exciting semi-final match. Zenith drafted Enigma, Lightning Revenant , Omniknight, Rogue Knight and Warlock while Micronology drafted Bristleback, Keeper of the Light, Lone Druid, Queen of Pain and Venomancer.

Micronology tried for an early game strategy with Bristleback being the centrepiece. Micronology pushed down three of Zenith’s towers, but Zenith was able to counter this and defended against further pushes with Lux’s Enigma and Ant’s Warlock putting both Black Hole and Stone to good use.

Thereafter, Zenith was able to push back, coming out on top of further engagements by one or two heroes. Eventually, it was ToFuBoi’s farmed up Lightning Revenant that carried the game for Zenith and they won the game by demolishing all of Micronology’s towers and throned for the win.

Zenith will now go on to face dN* for the first placing, while Micronology will go on to battle Em Ai Two (Mi2) for in the third/fourth placing match.

The winner of IGC 2007 will walk away with S$2,000 worth of prize money as well as the championship trophy. The runner-up will receive S$1,000, while the 3rd and 4th placing will receive S$500 and S$250 respectively.

The semi-finals results are as follows:
[list][*]dN* won Em Ai Two
[*]Zenith won Micronology[/list]

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