Team Zenith takes IGC 2007 challenge trophy

[b]Team Zenith has emerged as the champions of the Intel Gaming Cup 2007 after defeating dN* in the finals of the IGC 2007 Grand Finals.[/b]


Team Zenith defeated dN* in a very close finish following a mistake made by Zenith’s Omniknight, played by GPS. GPS attempted to teleport in the middle of dN*’s push, which caused his death and allowed dN* to push into Zenith’s base. At the moment Zenith destroyed dN*’s World Tree, dN* had one of Zenith’s two Throne towers down.

Meanwhile, in the third/fourth placing match, Em Ai Two (Mi2) defeated Micronology easily in a 39 minute game, using an early game push strategy.

Mr Koh Su Hock, Area Sales Manager of Intel Technology Asia Pte Ltd, was on hand to present the finalists their prizes.

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Zenith walks away with S$2,000 and the challenge trophy, while dN* received S$1,000 in prize money. Em Ai Two and Micronology received S$500 and S$250 respectively.

Final result:[list]
[*]1st: Zenith
[*]2nd: dN*
[*]3rd: Em Ai Two
[*]4th: Micronology[/list]

[list][*][url=]IGC 2007 official website[/url] ([/list]

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