PaGn closes its doors after nine years

[b]The PacNet Asian Gaming Network (PaGn) has ceased operations.[/b]

The closure was announced in a message posted on the PaGn website. It said, “The PacNet Asian Gaming Network (PAGN) has finally closed it’s doors after nine fun years of providing hours of gaming excitement for you.”

PaGn was one of Singapore’s longest running gaming community forums. Many of the older generation of gamers have fond memories of PaGn. Old school gamer “noodleboy” said of PaGn, “I’m forever grateful for the Quake 3 and Half-Life servers PaGn started out with.” He added jokingly, “If not for them i would not have started gaming and ruined my life.”

In its hey days, PaGn served as the centre of the Singapore gaming community, with players of games as diverse as Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Quake, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament and many others converging on the PaGn forums to interact with each other and boast of their achievements.

The passing of PaGn marks the end of an era for the Singapore gaming scene, frequently associated with Half-Life and its mods, in particular Counter-Strike.

[b][color=red]Update:[/color][/b] Share your memories of PaGn in this [url=]forum thread[/url], GameSync will be putting selected ones together to write a memorial article for PaGn. Your words count!

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