Upcoming GXL Command & Conquer 3 event

[b]The Games Xtreme League will be organizing a Command & Conquer 3 event some time later this year.[/b]


In a post on the GXL discussion forums, Game Master Andrei revealed that there will be a C&C3 event “coming soon”. The details for the event are yet to be confirmed.

It seems that the event will be competitive in nature, as GXL staffer “Swordplay” expressed hope that the recently discovered [url=http://news.moddb.com/21253/-online-observer-exploit-breaks-the-game/]observer exploit[/url] would be patched in time for the event.

[list][*]Forum thread: [url=http://www.gxleague.com/forum/showthread.php?p=13286]Coming C&C3 Event[/url] (gxleague.com)[/list]

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