SG team TT_TT advance to top 16 of MYM PriDe 5

Singapore based [img][/img] [i]Team Tammy Tang (Truly)[/i] (TT_TT) have advanced to the top 16 of international DotA competition Meet Your Makers Prime Defending 5 after defeating [img][/img] [i]n!faculty[/i] to secure the second seed spot in their group.

[color=red][b]UPDATE:[/b][/color] (2007-05-04) Playoff fixtures are [url=]out[/url]. [img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] will be up against [img][/img] [i]Team Pandemic[/i] (tPD) on Saturday, 5 May 2007 between 12mn to 7am. The playoffs will be single elimination up till the semi-finals, where it will become a mini double elimination playoff instead, not double elimination all the way as previously reported.

[img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] advanced to the top 16 of the fifth edition of Danish e-sports organization Meet Your Makers’ international online DotA competition Prime Defending after defeating German opponents [img][/img] [i]n!faculty[/i] in their final group stage match.

The top two teams from each of the eight groups proceed to the top 16 playoffs, which will be played in a double elimination format. The match fixtures for the playoffs have not yet been confirmed.

In the group stages, [img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] defeated teams [img][/img] [i]Die Noobz[/i] and [img][/img] [i]sKaping[/i], drew against n!faculty and lost to [img][/img] [i]Verge Gaming[/i] before playing the crucial tiebreaker match with n!faculty that allowed [img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] to proceed to the top 16.

According to team leader Anthony “Ant” Moh, [img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] has been able to find good neutral hosts for some of their previous games, resulting in favourable playing conditions, sometimes with only half a second of delay or latency. This has contributed to the positive results gained by [img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] so far.

[img][/img] [i]TT_TT[/i] is a mix of Singapore players, consisting of [i]Zenith[/i] regulars Anthony “AntSharK” Moh, Daryl “Iceiceice” Koh and Joshua “ToFuBoi” Tan, Jovi “TruEColdRain” Sen Joon and Wong “NutZ” Jeng Yih from [i]Eternity[/i] (ETNY) and all-female DotA team [i]Asterisk*[/i]’s leader, Tammy “furryfish” Tang.

[list][*][url=]MYM PriDe 5 group stage standings[/url] ([/list]

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