CAPL Awards Night 2007 nominees announced


Top player participants and teams in the CAPL 2006/07 season have been nominated for awards such as CS Marksman (Counter-Strike 1.6), Best Farmer (DotA Allstars), Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Team. The results will be announced at the CAPL Awards Night 2007.

The CAPL Awards Night 2007 looks set to be a mini-Oscars of gaming, with awards for various categories such as best marksman in CS, best farmer in DotA and best race player in Warcraft III. The following is the full list of awards which will be given out:[quote]
[size=1][b]Counter-Strike 1.6[/size][/b][list]
[*][size=1]Best Marksman[/size]
[*][size=1]Best Terrorist Team[/size]
[*][size=1]Best Counter-Terrorist Team[/size]
[*][size=1]Most Valuble Team[/size][/list]
[b][size=1]DotA Allstars[/size][/b][list]
[*][size=1]Best Farmer[/size]
[*][size=1]Most Valuable Player[/size]
[*][size=1]Most Valuble Team[/size][/list]
[b][size=1]Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne[/size][/b][list]
[*][size=1]Best Human[/size]
[*][size=1]Best Night Elf[/size]
[*][size=1]Best Orc[/size]
[*][size=1]Best Undead[/size]
[*][size=1]Most Valuable Player[/size][/list]
[*][size=1]CAPL Glory[/size][/list]
[size=1]Source and full nominee list: [url][/url][/size][/quote]The Awards Night will not only be for hardcore gamers, with activities, live band performances and all-out partying to be had after the prize presentation is over.

The CAPL Awards Night 2007 will be held at [url=]HOME Club[/url] on 18 May 2007 from 6pm onwards.
[list][*][url=]CAPL Awards Night 2007 announcement and nominee list[/url][/list]

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