WCG.SG Campus winners banned from joining other teams


Are you a member of a Counter-Strike 1.6 or DotA Allstars team outside of your school? Are you planning to form a school team to take part in the Singapore World Cyber Games 2007 (WCG.SG) Campus Preliminaries? If your answer is yes to both questions, you may not be able to play with your usual team as a result of rule changes this year.

Rapture Gaming has announced that members of winning teams in the WCG Campus Preliminaries will not be allowed to play for other teams in the WCG Singapore National Finals, even if the campus team is disbanded.

Combined with a change to this year’s tournament structure that all winners of each individual campus preliminary will be seeded directly into the Singapore National Finals, this effectively means that players who are part of a winning Campus Preliminary team will not be able to represent other teams for WCG.SG 2007.

In previous years, the winners of each campus preliminary had to face each other in the Samsung Campus Festival grand finals, with only the overall campus champion earning a seed into the National Finals.

Rapture’s move is aimed at stopping the phenomenon of players from strong external teams forming a campus team just to win prize money, then disbanding to play with their main teams in the Singapore National Finals.

“We really hope that those people … use [the Campus preliminaries] as a route to compete in WCG,” said Rapture Gaming Event Executive Andy Tan, “and not … just [for] the prizes.”

The long term implications remains to be seen. GameSync has spoken with members of the Counter-Strike and DotA competitive community, and they are thinking twice about joining the Campus Preliminaries due to the new ruling.
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