CAPL Awards Night 2007 results


The Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League Awards Night 2007 exclusive event concluded on Friday night. The exclusive Awards Night, a first-of-its-kind in Singapore, went smoothly but was marred by the less than satisfactory turnout.

The Awards Night started off with an impressive video presentation introducing the nominees for each award. After that, Mr David Tan, Business Director of Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard Singapore went up on stage to give a short speech.

In his speech, he gave thanks to the sponsors of CAPL, and said that it was the sponsors’ goal to bring the “best experience” to local teams and encourage them to participate in local tournaments. Mr David Tan also announced that the CAPL 2007/08 season will continue to be sponsored by both Compaq and AMD, and will officially kick off on 1 June 2007 with a special “Midnight Madness” overnight gaming experience at E2Max.

The Counter-Strike Marksman Award was won by Lincoln “liNc” Heng from Team R. He scored a total of 157 kills over the CAPL 2006/07 season. The Best Counter-Terrorist Team and Best Terrorist Team Awards were given to Team :) and Team MJK respectively. Team ExsequoR received the Most Valuable Team Award.

In DotA Allstars, Cai Wang, also known as “spawnzzz” took the Monster Award for having the most overall hero kills throughout CAPL 2006/07. Liu Wanquan, also known as “WAN”, took both the Best Farmer and Most Valuable Player Awards, based on total creep kills and total overall kills respectively. WAN killed over 2,100 creeps to clinch the Best Farmer award. Team Zenith received the Most Valuable Team Award.

For Warcraft III, Chiam Khoon Hong, also known as “vLae”, won the Best Human Award, having won 15 matches. Ng Wei Loon, also known as “Abuse”, won the Best Orc Award, having 13 wins. The Best Undead Award was won by Soh Peng Hung, also known as “pUmKing”. He had a total of 14 wins playing Undead. No surprises for The Best Night Elf and Most Valuble Player Awards, which were both won by Galvin “Gosubay” Bay.

Finally, Team Zenith won their second award of the night when they received the CAPL Glory Award, for being the team which earned the highest amount of prize money of all teams and individuals.

The Awards Night, however, was marred by the poor turn out. According to officials, many individuals and teams had RSVP’d in advance of the event, but decided not to attend at the last minute. Others, including some award winners, were either late and missed the awards ceremony completely or did not turn up at all.

For a more in-depth report on the criteria used to select each award winner, view GameSync’s CAPL Award Nights 2007 [url=]sneak preview[/url]. Photos of the event will be up by Wednesday.

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