NYP DotA teams noLife and r3pu|sE proceed to prelim finals


A large crowd of students (photo) turned up to spectate the Nanyang Polytechnic WCG 2007 Campus Preliminary as DotA Allstars teams noLife and r3pu|sE proceeded to the finals.

A total of 16 teams took part in the single elimination DotA Campus Preliminary, held from 10 am onwards. Matches were broadcast live via plasma screens to the gathered crowd. The spectators were also kept entertained with a Guitar Hero II mini-challenge. A talk on cyber wellness was also conducted by TOUCH Youth.

Each member of the winning team of the NYP Campus Preliminary will walk away with a Samsung U3 MP3 player. The winning team will also be seeded into the WCG Singapore National Finals as well as the Samsung Campus Gaming Festival, which will be held in conjunction with the WCG Asian Championship.

The finals between noLife and r3pu|sE will be played tomorrow at 10 am, at the NYP Theatre for the Arts.

[size=3][b]Results for NYP WCG Campus Preliminary[/b][/size]

[b]Top 16[/b]

[list][*][b]r3pu|sE[/b] won WHQ
[*][b]Wudi[/b] won Feng Shui [FS] ~
[*][b]Computer[/b] won Playsong
[*][b]Kns[/b] won snR
[*][b]DmD[/b] won anyhow team
[*][b]Silver[/b] won Team R.o.D
[*][b]noLife[/b] won 3
[*][b]VI[/b] won Team IaM[/list]


[list][*][b]r3pu|sE[/b] won Wudi
[*][b]Computer[/b] won Kns
[*][b]Silver[/b] won DmD
[*][b]noLife[/b] won VI[/list]


[list][*][b]r3pu|sE[/b] won Computer
[*][b]Silver[/b] won noLife[/list]

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